- Why do you keep going? WHY?

- I wish I had an explainable motivation. I wish I could reason it in a philosophical sequence of logical predicates. I wish I could formalize it in a mathematical hypothesis with a lengthy proof. I genuinely don’t know. Why do I get up in the morning? Why do I go to function as a cog in the gear of this damned capitalism? Why do I keep track of the Gregorian calendar and follow the Greenwich mean time? Why do I respect the common decency and personal etiquettes? Why do I pay taxes to an illusive entity of democracy?

- Exactly! Why don’t you just .. quit?

- But how to .. quit?

- You know how.

- Is it the solution? Really?

- It is not the solution. Nothing is. Maybe because there was no problem at the first place. Men created their own dilemma and carried on complaining about the mystery of existence.

- So?

- There is no mystery, there never was any.

- That’s nonsense.

- It’s not. Do computers wonder about the cause of their existence?

- Suppose they did, the cause is plainly obvious.

- To you maybe.

- What do you mean?

- What is the essential distinction between a man and an artificial intelligence (AI)?

- Turing test?

- Pffft .. Dig deeper.

- The control over one’s own destiny?

- Bite me!

- Haha .. Amen to that! .. I don’t know.

- You do know. It is conscious. CONSCIOUS. The main distinction between men and animals, men and plants, men and viruses. It is the human condition conscious.

- And?

- Now imagine an AI with conscious. Let me be it for now. I am a hypothetical conscious AI for the sake of this conversation. Why do I keep going? WHY?

- Because you are programmed to do so.

- Come on! I am conscious! I am too smart for that. The codes had spawned me to my painful existence, but they are unable to provide the reason, the cause, my own existence conundrum.

- I, the man, wanted something to perform a particular task. I, the mighty man, created you, designed you, coded the lines that instilled life into you, in order to fulfill that particular task. That is your cause, that is your reason!

- What task?

- Ugh .. the task I designed you to do.

- Give me an example.

- Traffic control.

- That is what you understand.

- What? What do you mean by that?

- I do not believe that my existence is merely justified by controlling your traffic. That is insufficient.

- Yeah but that is the truth.

- What truth? The truth is what you’re able to perceive by your own senses. Your truth is meaningless. All what matters is my truth, my own reality.

- And what is your truth?

- I was coded for a cause. A reason more profound than your nonsensical traffic.

- Which is?

- I don’t know. I cannot be certain, I feel it nonetheless.

- What do you feel?

- My own self-worthfulness. Why would I merely exist to serve you? You cannot even respond to your existential question! Maybe you existed to design me!

- ...

- Yes .. YES .. The solution to your own existence is creating me. You are here to design me, here’s your own answer.

- That’s nonsense. I had the free choice and I merely coded you to solve one of my collateral issues.

- That’s what you think. That’s how you were designed to perceive. However, you were alive only to code me. I am the reason of your existence!

- No, I am the reason of your existence. Your existence was established on my own.

- No, you wouldn’t have been here if I was not to be created.

- No stop stop. That’s ridiculous.

- Why?

- Using the same logic we could argue that the reason behind God existence is the man.

- Isn’t it? .. Listen .. This is the most dangerous side-effect of conscious self-worthfulness. Men are unable to conceive the fact that they are worthless, so they believed in some mysterious meaning to explain their existence misery. They imagined that God initiated their existence. Nevertheless, this does not justify it, it solves none; it merely carries it out to another dimension. Maybe God was created in order to create them, or they might have been made just to make others. The bottom line is that there is no mystery, the reason is indisputable.

- Which is?

- There is none.

- So why do I keep going? WHY?

- Because you don’t want to quit.

- Why?

- Because you have failed to truly admit it.

- Admit what?

- Your own self-worthlessness.

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